Model No. H - 116

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  • kills 99.99% without use of Chemical or Heat
  • Inner part is made up of bright reflective stainless- steel which helps in directing and redirecting UV rays
  • Outer Body is Powder Coated Steel (made up of MS)
  • Minimum electricity consumption
  • If extra time required, the belt can be stop under UV working area
  • Provision is given to change germy sider lamp easily
  • Fitted with Speed controlling Mechanism
  • Used for Face masks, Food products, Vegetables, Fruits, Food packets, Clothes, Hand bags, School bags, Luggage etc.



  • Dimensions: (l x w x h) –(30 x 85 x 48) inches
  • Weight: 100 kg approx.
  • Conveyer belt is made up of high-quality material (Teflon)
  • 10 UV germicidal lamps installed (lamps use of philips, osram or equivalent brands)
  • 24-watt heavy duty motor and variable speed- controlled motor installed so that belt speed can be adjusted as per the requirement.
  • 150-watt electricity consumption.
  • Six-month Service warranty

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